In our group, we offer different types of events with different ideas and goals. Here we can see the summary of our events

Public Events / Collaboration Events [learn more]

Goal: events for everyone without any special pre-requirement with the goal of having a space with many people to give the chance to new people and other interested people to find friends

Participants: anyone who registers first can attend

Organizers: Anyone interested. You need to fill one of the forms to finalize the details and contact us for questions.

Project Events

Goal: repeated events for everyone organized by talented volunteers, who like to share their skills with others for free. We support you with our social media and help you to organize a smooth and nice series of events, where you can expose your talent and skills.

Participants: anyone who registers first can attend

Organizers: Anyone interested and ready to share their skills with others. You need to contact us to finalize the details.

Private Events (JAPP)

Goal: events dedicated to a specific themes or celebration with the goal of having a nice time with the small group of people and finding new friends

Participants: you need to contact the organizers. They will decide about who to accept

Organizers: Anyone interested. You need to follow the guidelines of making your private event.

  • White List: the people in this list are our frequent organizers and are aware very well about our guidelines. These people the can organize events without any limitations.

  • Others: Your events should be confirmed by one of the people on the white list. After submitting your event, all people on the white list will receive the event and any of them can confirm your event though our system. After confirmation, your event will be posted in the channel.

Wanna join our white list, you are very welcome and just need to contact us! Let's talk about it.

External Events

Goal: to share the events happening in the city by other groups and organizations with the members of the group.

The event will be shown on our Telegram Bot to people who ask the bot for the events in Jena. To share the events, you need to use this form.

Registration for the public and project events

Since the number of participants in the event are usually high and it is difficult for us to arrange the events properly, we have a registration system. To register for the events, you need to fill a form, which is accessible via Jena Dude or at the page of the event. In the form, you need to give us some basic information which is mainly focused on the information we need for your participation. We do not ask you for any private information.

Why we are asking for your registration?

The data are asked to make the organization more smooth and less stressful for the organizers and increase the quality of the event.

Is it mandatory to give the accurate info?

Of course not. Most of the fields in the registration are optional and you do not have to fill. Even for your name, you can use your nickname. We do not need your passport name. However, if you use a Dude ID for registration, it should be a valid number. The registrations with invalid Dude IDs will be ignored automatically by the system

Why is important for us?

Registration is important for us because:

Before the event

  1. to encourage other people to join,

  2. to know how many people to expect at the event,

  3. to know how many people want to join the group ticket or need help buying their tickets (for public events mainly),

  4. to know who wants to be in our group pictures,

and after the event

  1. to evaluate which event was the most popular to repeat it again.

  2. to contact you via Jena Dude in case of important changes

Where are the data saved and is it possible to delete them later?

We keep the data in the Google Drive of the hiking group. We will not share the data with any third party. If you want to delete your data from our system anytime in the future, you can contact us ( or directly to the organizers) and we will do it immediately.

Is it possible to join the events without registration?

Yes you can. But you need to contact the organizer of that event beforehand. You can find the contact detail of the organizer of each event on the page of that event in our website. However joining without registration makes extra work for us. So we kindly ask you to register before coming.