Route 19

Route 19: Romantic Roman

Starting point: Zwätzen train station

Visiting points:

End point: Porstendorf

Hiking Length: 13.71 km


[Andreas]: Long way for going to Kunitzburg which covers a part of the Saale-Horizontale and beautiful villages as the tiny Laasan and Golmsdorf.

[Ashish]: Kunitzburg is one of my favorite place in Jena, where I love to go especially in evening to see the sunset. Also, Lasaan townhall is also worth to visit.

[Roman]: A very good route to spend a good day in nature. Kunitzburg is beautiful as always. From Kunitzburg go straight as on the map, but until you see a beautiful view of Laasan on your right, then you will also see a beautiful view of Königstul. I recommend finishing by the time of sunset near the village of Beutniz, from there you can go up the hill a little, next to Bonsig (see view point on, and from there you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with a beautiful view.