Route 34

Route 34: Hydro Plant Tour

Starting point: Camburg Train Station

Visiting points:

  • Mühlenwerke Camburg

  • Döbritschen

  • Wasserkraftwerk Döbritschen

  • Wild Garlic

End point: Camburg Train Station

Hiking Length: 7.0 km


[André]: Sehr schöne Route entlang der Saale und ein Genuss für Mund und Auge: im Frühjahr gibt's leckeren Bärlauch (0 Euro) und vom Bergfried der Camburg einen tollen Blick ins Saaletal (1 Euro). Lohnt sich! (01/05/2021)

[Paulina]: The road is really easy as it is basically flat, except the part where you can collect the wild garlic (it is a bit steep). The road goes along the river so it is always beautiful to see, and also the little village Döbritschen.

I followed Raihan's recommendation for Ice cream and it was really good (the place closes at 4:00 pm) and you can also visit the Camburg Burg, just a small walk away the centre of Camburg. You can access the tower by paying only 1 euro per person and see Camburg from above. The payment also includes the garden of the Burg. Really nice route :) (01/05/2021)

I followed this route with the main goal to collect wild garlic and I ended up really enjoying it! We walked around Camburg and by the Saale!! Definetely the place to be if you are into wild garlic :) (28/04/2021 )

[Diandian]: It is easy to accomplish this route for everyone because the way is flat. And there are many highlights on the way like the River, grassland, animals in the village Döbritschen which create an idyllic picture in spring. People can take a rest and eat something on the lawn of Saalerastplatz. You can find so many wild garlic links near the rail as a surprise. (15/04/2021 )

[Raihan]: A quiet walk beside the forest and the river. Explore the city a bit, before completing the route. I recommend the ice cream place near the train stop. (11/04/2021)

[Andreas]: Along the river Saale it is a super relaxing way. The highlight in April is that you can harvest Wild Garlic! (04/04/2021 )