August 2017

05. hiking from Bad Kösen to Rudelsburg

Organized by Sevinç

Number of Participants: 6

It was a nice day trip to Bad kösen and Rudelsburg in Sachsen-Anhalt. We were a small and friendly group. After a nice hike, we visited the famous castle there. In the middle of the castle, there is the castle court yard which has a beautiful view to the valley. We saw also a wall which was decorated very beautifully. We recommend everyone this beautiful city and its castle.

Organized by Sevinç

We started from Uhlstädt to lake Engerda. There we had a very nice picknick with swim in the lake. It was a very long hike. We walk in total around 20 km, so we became so tired. But it really worth it and it was a really nice day.

27. Jenaer Lake Tour

Organized by Sevinç

Unfortunately no event is available from this event.