What is Speedhiking?

Speedhiking is one of our projects, where you can register and you will be assigned randomly (or almost randomly) to an unknown person to go hike together.

đź“… Time: Every two or three weeks

🎯 Goal: Finding friends at the lockdown, helping new comers to Jena to make contacts, going out of comfort zone by hiking with a totally new person.

How Does it Work?

How does initial registration work?

You need to fill a simple form out. We only need some basic info from you.

  • Your e-mail address: to inform you about your selected partner

  • Your first name and contact detail: to share it with your matched partner

  • Your nickname, languages, possible hiking dates, and pick-up line: to help others decide if they want to hike with you or not (in next step)

⚠️ You can register in two ways: either you want to be assigned randomly to someone (lazy method) or you want to be assigned to one of the people you choose yourself (you need to do step 2 one day later).

How does choosing partner work?

If you registered in Step 1 as you do not have a partner and you want to choose it yourself from the registered people, You will receive an email right after the initial registration finishes and there you can choose your potential hiking partner.

You need to choose for each person one of these options:

  1. You do not like to join that person --> It is for your own reason, we won't share it with anyone.

  2. You do not mind to join --> If you are matched with this person for this specific event, you would not mind to join him/her

  3. You really like to join --> You are really impressed by this person or the event and want to join him/her

We have developed a data processing system which will tell us the final results based on your answers

Note: If you do not take part in choosing partner step, you will not have any partner at the end

How will I be informed about my chosen partner?

We will inform you on Thursday evening with whom you have matched. Additionally you will get a mail with the contact data of your partner. Afterwards, you can make an appointment and meet.

đź“· Please take photos of you and your partner and share it somehow with us. We like to have our Gallery complete, and for that we need your help because our photographers are not with you.

Short History

Since November 2020 and with start of the second lockdown in Germany, we were not able to organize our regular group hikes since the rules did not let us to gather more than two people. So we came up with the idea to organize hikes in groups of two people. The event was taking place weekly at the beginning, but now we organize it every two-three weeks.

Speedhiking 1.0

đź“… from 20/11/2020
to 27/12/2020

đź‘« Registered: 48

đź“· photos

Speedhiking 2.0

đź“… from 27/11/2020
to 04/12/2020

đź‘«Registered: 43

đź“· photos

Speedhiking 3.0

đź“… from 04/12/2020
to 11/12/2020

đź‘« Registered: 25

đź“· photos

Speedhiking 4.0

đź“… from 11/12/2020
to 17/12/2020

đź‘« Registered: 22

đź“· photos

Valentine Edition

đź“… from 13/02/2021
to 22/02/2021

đź‘« Registered: 13

đź“· photos

Winterlinge Edition

đź“… from 27/02/2021
to 08/03/2021

đź‘« Registered: 29

đź“· photos

Nowruz Edition

đź“… from 12/03/2021
to 21/03/2021

đź‘« Registered: 32

đź“· photos

Cleaning Edition

đź“… from 02/04/2021
to 16/04/2021

đź‘« Registered: 34

đź“· photos

Dancing Edition

đź“… from 23/04/2021
to 02/05/2021

đź‘« Registered: 41

đź“· photos

Blooming Edition

đź“… from 15/05/2021
to 23/05/2021

đź‘« Registered: 77

đź“· photos