What is recommended in leisure time? 😊

Going to lakes

Swimming in the Saale 🏊

Boating on the Saale đŸ›¶

  • There are some companies around Jena where to rent boats for a trip on the Saale: Saalestrand Kanu

 What you can harvest in the nature? đŸ«đŸ«

Here are fruits you can find in the nature, so it is for free. Besides that we have a map with some detailed locations in Jena to help you finding them. đŸ—șïžđŸ“

⚠ everything what is presented here are recommendations, but there is no guarantee for that you do not mix it up with other toxic things.

⚠ if you are not sure what you found, better do not collect and not eat it

⚠ all fruits should be harvested only for your own use and not for selling them

Cherries (July)

  • small trees

  • oftem on orchards, meadows or private grounds

  • sweet or sour types

Blackberries (August-September)

  • bushes with thornes

  • very easy to find next to streets, fields and meadows

  • only the big black fruits are ripe and directly eatable

  • most common fruit in the summer

Elderberries (August-September)

  • big bushes with many tiny berries

  • very easy to find next to streets, also in the city

  • black fruits are not directly eatabl, they need to be cooked ⚠

Mirabelles (August-September)

  • tiny trees

  • common fruit tree in Jena

  • yellow fruits are a bit sweet

Plums (August-September)

  • tiny trees

  • purple fruits are a bit sweet or sour

Raspberries (June - July)

  • ushes with tiny thornes

  • small red fruits

  • very sweet

Occasional Events đŸ„łđŸŽ‰

There are some regular markets and festivals in Jena. Here are they all.

Dornburger Rosenfest e.V.

⚠ What to care about while hiking? ⚠

What is important to take with you when you go into the nature?

  • đŸ’§đŸ¶ enough water to drink

  • ☀ sun cream

  • đŸ•¶ïž sunglasses

  • 🧱 sun hat

  • 🐜 spray agains insects

Check yourself for ticks! đŸ•·

  • The dangerous tiny animals became active in the summer. Click here for more information

  • During and after beeing in the nature you should check your body for ticks which suck your blood and can transfer deaseses.

  • You can also get vaccinated against one of the deaseses.

Use suncream/cover to protect yourself against the UV of the sun ! ☀

  • Especially when you have pale skin

  • on sunny days