October 2018

Organized by Andreas

number of participants: 9

We took advantage of the golden October day and had a long hike to a local market of the village Reinstädt. It was in a idyllic small valley. The whole hiking trip was longer than 20 km!

At the end everyone was complaining about the length of the hike, but indeed it became a good memory for all of us.

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 8

We had a very beautiful, colorful and international group and had a nice hiking trip on the mountain Kernberge in Jena. The nature was so amazing at that time of the year due to the colorful leaves everywhere. We took a lot of nice photos and enjoyed a nice conversation.

The hiking trip was around 12 km, and we walked towards Fürstenbrunnen and made the round complete by taking another way back. We were walking mostly at the edge of the mountain and next to the hill. All over all, it was really a nice day.