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The Blinkerdenkmal (blinken means flashing) will be found on the Landgrafen hill in the Goethe-Wäldchen forest. It is a memorial for the soldiers of first world war who were on the hill to give flash signals. It is often discussed if it is the right decision to remember them by this giant construction.

Here are some suggested routes which passes through this point. You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.

Route 4: Balcony of Jena

visiting Papiermühle, Napoléonstein, Blinkerdenkmal, and Landgrafen

Hiking length: 8.4 km

Route 8: Spring Tour

visiting Napoleonstein, Blinkerdenkmal, and Landgrafen

Hiking length: 8.78 km