Route 4

Route 4: Balcony of Jena

Starting point: Hanfried

Visiting points:

End point: Hanfried

Hiking Length: 8.4 km


[Reza]: It is a beautiful way and has nice sceneries.

[Andreas]: You will very often see the city and be walking on a high level at the same time, very exciting!

[Raihan]: Good track for a snow hike. Good hiking shoes should be worn.

[Roman]: "This one here was my discovery, it is not difficult and is very close, but at the same time you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Jena and look at the city from a high.

Of course, Napoleonstein left a special impression, in winter it is a fascinating sight to see people sledding down the mountain at great speed. I met the sunset on Landgrafen and it was also very charming to see a beautiful city slowly sinking into darkness"

[Thiemo]: You can climb the hill pretty fast because there is a looong staircase which leads up the hill to Landgrafen through a beautiful neighborhood with impressive houses. Napoleonstein offers even better views and is amazing for sledging if there is snow