Route 11

Route 11: Good Morning Ashish

Starting point: Jenertal

Visiting points:

End point: Wöllnitz

Hiking Length: 10.53 km


[Diandian]: It is one of my favorite routes in jena because it combines some highlights just like Fürstenbrunnen und Kupferplatte which must be valued by everyone who comes to Jena and wants to enjoy the nature here. It is not a long hiking. Two or three hours are enough for the most people to accomplish it in an average speed. People can see the most wonderful parts of the city from the height of Kupferplatte and the various plants and colours in the forest in different seasons just offer a comfort for your body and soul. (26/09/2021)

[Ashish]: This route mostly covered Saale Horizontale, with a many Scenic view and it will suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert hikers. If, you are passionate Hiker and looking for a nice route which passes through hills, Spring and villages. i would highly recommend this route to you.

[Coxca]: Amazing view with snow

[Eldho]: Very scenic hiking route. Passes through a lot of different geographical formations.

[Raihan]: Great track for winter hike with a great view of the city.

[Andreas]: I take this route regualary since I live at Kernberge. It has exciting ways along the cliffs and Fürstenbrunnen water can be used to refresh yourself.