March 2018

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 15

For this hike we decided to repeat our trip on January but this going going the way back. We started from Lobeda and walked towards Rothenstein, visiting the beautiful view point Rabenschüssel. The way was so beautiful till the point that we lost the way and had to go to the correct way by climbing a very steep and dangerous hill. It was really fun though.

At the end of the trip, we took train back to Jena and went to have Sushi all together.

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 15

We started our trip from Weimar Belvedere castle, finishing a loop in the south of the town. We passed some very beautiful fields at the beginning. The weather was sunny and the group was so funny. We aimed to visit the famous engravements of Buchfarter Felsenburg. But unfortunately we passed it without noticing it :D

In this trip, we had many new participants, as well as some people from Weimar. It was really a nice day.