Route 10

Route 10: Old Lady Tour

Starting point: Rautal

Visiting points:

End point: Rautal

Hiking Length: 9.15 km


[Andreas]: You take small trails above Jena by crossing forests and suddenly see fantastic view points with benches.

[Reza]: It is a beautiful way and has nice sceneries.

[Raihan]: Same as the name suggests. A great view of Kunitz can be seen.

[Roman]: "A wonderful location and very beautiful views of Jena's northern landscapes, this hike will not leave you indifferent. I was absolutely delighted when I reached the farthest point on the route. An interesting place along the way is a dried waterfall, where you can also walk well in the shade of trees. Feel free to grab your backpack and go ahead. This hike takes place next to Weidenberg, where we have been and will continue to carry out campaigns to clean up nature.

I also recommend meeting the sunrise from these peaks if you want to discover something new."

[Ashish]: This route is mostly covered Saale Horizontale. Highly recommended in Sunny and cloudy weather. Also, wear suitable shoes if you wanna hike during rainy weather.