Route 15

Route 15: Scary Tour

Starting point: Fachhochschule

Visiting points:

End point: Beutenberg Campus

Hiking Length: 12.28 km


[Andreas]: The hidden ponds in the former military testing area are somethings special. Coppanz is a tiny cute village where you can harvest plums in the summer.

[Reza]: This route has a lot of beautiful ponds and very beautiful with many photo possibilities

[Roman]: The beginning of the hike will pleasantly surprise you, because these are not popular places, and you can properly enjoy nature. You will discover the lovely village of Coppanz, with gorgeous meadows and huge wind turbines. The abandoned barracks are a truly mystical place. A great place for a break and beautiful photos by Ernst-Häckelstein. It's also a great place to watch the sunrise. I also recommend continuing your route to Bismarkturm to further immerse yourself in the spirit of nature.

[Raihan]: Its a good tract a lot see but portions of the barracks are being demolished.