January 2021

01.- 31. Hiking Challenge

ūü§† Organized by Together in Jena

ūüĎę Number of participants: 17

ūüĆĽ What happened: We had the challenge to complete as much of the 16 hiking routes as you could.
Here you can see some of our hiker's results!
The people who went on that route have usually taken photos which we present here.

ūüď∑ More photos on Facebook

16. - 24. Hot Snow(hu)man Competition

ūü§† Organized by Reza

ūüĎę Number of participants: 9

ūüĆĽ What happened: We had a tradition every year when there was enough snow to go for making a snow human or skiing. Unfortunately this year we cannot do it.
However, we invited everyone to go individually and make a snowman/ -woman and share the photos with everyone.
Our hiking fellows were very creative and they even used items to make it look more beautiful when they created their snow figures! Most of them were built in January because there was a lot of snow which became sticky. Nevertheless, in 8th of February we had more than 30 cm high snow which almost lead to a crisis. This was too much and it was too cold to make figures or a snowball fight.

ūüď∑ More photos on Facebook

Corona-Snowman by Bernd Stange

tiny snowman by B√ľsra and Ani

Alien snowman with robotic arms by Xiaoyu

Our big friend! by Roman & Kelly

Cool Snowbuddy by Nassim

Red jacket snow woman with nose job by Reza

Another one by Andreas

Our cute child snowman by Kris, Barbara and...

.... Roman

Einmal Schneealienmann (on Aliens Tour) by Martin & Miriam

He is Jerry Our Mexican Schneemann by Martin & Miriam

tiny snow figures by Andreas