October 2020

Organized by Ashish, Roman, and Reza

Number of participants:

*Part 1: 14 people *Part 2: 15 people *Part 3: 18 people *Part 4: 13 people

This special event which is organized on the "German Unity Day", started at 6 AM and finished at 10 PM. The initial plan was to walk for 50 km in 4 parts by three organizers, but Reza could not join anymore due to sickness.

The trip was at the end shortened to around 40 km. We saw the sunrise at Napoleonstein, continued to famous places like Bismarktturm, Forstturm, Ernst-Hackel-Stein, Steinbruch, Lobdeburg, Fürstenbrunnen, and Kernberge. We ended seeing the sunset at Fuchsturm and looking at the city at the dark night from Jenzig.

Three participants managed to finish all four part and get the title King of Hiking who are Martin (from Mexico), Raihan (from Bangladesh), and Ayoub (from Algeria). The second rank goes to Sarah (from Germany), Pik ki (from Hong-Kong), Anna (from China) and Roman (from Russia) for finishing three parts.

Hope we can keep this tradition and repeat this amazing trip every year

Text by Raihan: Man the picture made me relive that day. The pain in my legs and back, the scrapes on my foot for small rocks, the cold winds at Jenzig followed by the 2 days of complete bed rest. But most important of all the little laughs we had along the way: one showing us how crazy they can be, Romans passion for photography and restrain to finish the hike on time, Reza coming to greet us despite bad health, Ashish bailing for 2 sections of the hike for lunch and each of us letting the children in us run wild for an entire day from dusk till dawn. A great and memorable day indeed. Hope to see the participants for the entire hike this year again.

Organized by Andreas

Number of participants: 62

This event is organized as part of Welcome Days of the University of Jena for the beginning of the semester.

We had our biggest hiking trip so far (62 people) and it was quite challenging. But as the weather was good, we had a very nice day.

The three main organizers joined, so we managed realizing this tour. In the end some people joined the extra event "flying a kite".

Organized by Ashish

Number of participants: 15

I had planned to hike From Jena zwätzen to Dornburg- Camburg over Kunitzburg with many known faces, who were ready to faced the tough weather condition and everyone had a single moto to enjoy the Nature after a hectic week.

Unfortunately, we have to dropped the original plan and opt to alternative plan because of the rain, so we ended up this adventure with some beautiful memories at Jenzig, where everyone had a Hot coffee with some sweets.

Organized by Roman

Number of participants: 17

We had a very nice trip to Bad Kösen and visited its castle, the old infrastructure of pumping system and the surrounding nature around it.

To see what happened in this trip, check the photos and its captions :D

Organized by Roman

Number of participants: 11

On a saturday we walked from Zwätzen to the Weidenberg while seeing amazing yellow trees in the autumn-season. After arriving at the top, the work began: We cleaned the hill and its forest at the are of Jägerberg and Weidenberg. The work seemed endless but since we collected a lot of trash and it was evening we were proud and stopped working. On the way back to Zwätzen we saw the sunset.

Organized by Reza, Andreas, Ashish

Number of participants: 41

Many people walked on the hiking trail from Bad Berka to the Castle of Belvedere at the border of Weimar. Since we were more than 40 people we divided the group in two smaller groups. It was funny that we sometimes saw the others in a far distance and shouted.

In the Kurpark of Bad Berka some attendees walked into the cold water to take a Kneipp cure and some drank the water from the fountain. Later we arrived at the Paulinenturm, then after a long trip through the wonderful colourful forest we had a lunch break on a meadow.

Crossing the Village of Buchfahrt was beautiful and we were impressed by the old mill. Later one group harvested some appled in the next village.

Finally we arrived in Belvedere where most people were roaming around. All in all we had a wonderful sunday on a sunny golden October day!

Organized by Andreas and Reza

Number of participants: 22

The week before Reza had the idea to organize a night hike on Halloween because the parties that day were cancelled. So we planned a crazy funny hike with candles! Fortunately, most people bring a candle in a glass and our tour started by crossing a cemetery. After crossing the forest and reaching the plateau of Windknollen, the clouds disappeared and the full moon was amazingly visible.

The darkness was not too scary for us so we stay a while at the Napoleonstein to have a dinner-break. Later we walked to the Landgrafen, the “balcony of Jena” with a spectacular view on the lights of the city. Most of the hikers joined for going to a pub where we played the game “mafia”.