May 2017

Organized by Sandro

Number of Participants: 8

It was a beautiful way close to illminau and the weather was cold. At the beginning of the hiking there was also a nice lake with beautiful sceneries. On the top there was a nice tower were we could climb it and it has a very nice view.

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 9

We had a short hike to Nopoleonstein with amazing people. In this trip, we even had Hossein who joined us from Hannover. The weather was so nice and the group was very friendly. Unfortunately no photos are available from this hiking trip.

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 8

We were 8 people starting from Bad Berka to Paulinenturm and ended visiting the Castle Belvedere at Weimar.

The way from Bad Berka to Paulinenturm is very amazing. And the Paulinenturm is very special because the top of the tower is open and you can see the beautiful sight and enjoy the fresh air.

Organized by Melsi

Number of Participants: 20

It was a really hot day and we went out of water and got water from the castle. The group was also very big, so we divided into smaller group. We met one of the hiking members working at the restaurant there. It was really a nice day.