Outdoor Activities


Jena has 2 outdoor swimming pools: [more]

🏊 Ostbad: open air pool [more]

  • only open in the Summer (May to Sep.)

  • booking online before is recommended

đŸ–ïž SĂŒdbad: artifitial lake with beach [more]

  • It is also called Schleichersee

  • only open in the Summer (May to Sep.)

  • booking online before is recommended

Swimming in River

  • There are many nice places in Saale where you can go and swim during the summer period. You can find these places [here]

Ping Pong

🏓 You can play ping pong in many tables available in the parks for free. You can find these tables here.


There are several possibilities for playing volleyball in Jena

🏐 booking at hochschulsport (at USZ in the park, Oberaue 1) [link]

🏐 Free beach volleyball field in Lobeda West in north of tram stop Emil-Wölk-Straße [map]

🏐 Free beach volleyball field in Winzerla, west of tram stop Winzerla [map]


There are few possibilities for playing basketball in Jena. Here we collected places in Jena where to play basketball for free

🏀 at Friedensberg [map]

🏀 north of city center [map]

🏀 more locations, that we did not verify yet you can find [here]


🏃 Info about jogging routes in this website. You can find useful info about jogging routes around Jena.

Open Gym / Calisthenics

There are several places in Jena where you can do sport with the free equipment, similar like Calisthenics

đŸ’Ș on the hill Landgrafen [website] [map]

đŸ’Ș east of Lichtenhainer BrĂŒcke close to the football stadium [map]

đŸ’Ș More spots, not verified by us yet [here]


There are some companies around Jena where to rent boats for a trip on the Saale:

đŸšŁâ€â™€ïž Saalestrand Kanu [website]

đŸšŁâ€â™€ïž Kanutours Camburg [website]

🚣‍♀ Bootsverleih Jena [website]

⚠You need to book the trip before