Seasonal Attractions

Oberhof & Rennsteig for skiing in the Winter

The Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald) is a low mountain range in the south of the federal State Thüringia. It is recommended for having day trips from Jena, especially in the winter season. That is because in the highlands is usually snow then.

To enjoy this winter wonderland, you can visit the town Oberhof which is famous for biathlon and wintersports and the surrounding. The whole way (train and bus) from Jena takes 2:10 h.

Before the Ski-Trip

  • Check out if there is actually snow, before you go there!❄️ [live-cam] [snow-tracks]

  • Wear clothes that are water-resistant and warm 👖🧥

  • Bring gloves and a hat 🧤

How to start skiing? ⛷️

  • There are many tracks (Loipen) easy accessible for cross-country-skiing (Langlauf) also along the famous hiking trail Rennsteig.

  • Starting this is recommended in the track behind Sporthotel Oberhof [map] or „Grenzadler“ (Bus 422) where you find a snack bar [map].

  • To connect these two points, there is short route for beginners below. [Oberhof Loop]

  • You can also find a slope for alpine skiing and snowboarding, called Fallbachhang nearby [map]. 🏂

Where to rent equipment for ski? 🎿

  • Our only experience is the shop Sport Luck [map]

  • Booking via Mail, Information needed: Shoe Size and Weight (of each person)

  • Langlauf Ski Equipment: 15€

  • Snowboarding: 20€

  • Group discount is possible, just ask

  • Coins will get lost in the lockers!

Route 38: Oberhof Loop

a route recommended for Cross-Country-Skiing

visiting Oberhof, Rennsteig, Grenzadler

Hiking length: 5.87 km

Here is a suggested route which passes through this point. If You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.