Groups in Jena

Jena is a student city, which means there are also a lot of groups which organize a lot of event. However it is sometimes not easy to find all of them at the very beginning. Hence we are going to summarize the well-known groups and what they do. We tried to make collaboration with different groups to bring together the data of their events which makes it easier to find all in one place. ➡️ List of All Events

ESN Jena is part of Europewide huge ESN group which aims to take care of erasmus students who are traveling in Europe. They organize events such as Stammtisch, pub-crawl, city tours, ...

Here is there website, but of course you can find their events here with the events of other groups, or you can ask your hiking dude.

IntRo Jena is the short term of Interntional Room, which is an official groups by the StruRa of University of Jena with the goal to help the new students to settle down in the city. They organize city tours, language exchange events, hiking trips, and many other cool plans.

Here is their Facebook, but we are trying to start a collaboration with them to share their events with us and with hiking dude.

Dr. FSU is The representative council of the doctoral candidates at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. They are mainly organizing activities for;

  • 🤓 Scientific staff

  • 🤓 Scholarship holders

  • 🤓 Doctoral candidates in external structures

And their Goals are:

  • 💁🏻 Helping all doctoral candidates

  • 👩🏻‍🎓 Improving the conditions for graduation

  • 👫 Organize social and scientific events

  • 🤝 Offer opportunities for networking of the doctoral candidates