September 2020

Organized by Ashish

Number of participants: 18

Saale- Horizontale is one of the most favorite Hiking trail in Jena. It is always a new experience when you hike along this path.

On a sunny day, we met at Jenertal tram stop and started our hike over Teufelslöcher , Kupferplatte, Ziegainhainer Tal and reached at our destination Fuchsturm and we have ended this Hike near Jena Paradies.

It was about 12 kms hike and many new people joined us for the first time. It was a really good day and ended with some good memories.

Organized by Ashish

Number of participants: 21

In normal days, organizers always come with a crazy idea. On 13 sept one of the organizer also came with a crazy idea to hike from Porstendorf to Camburg over his manually created way.

We have taken a train to Porstendorf from Jena Paradies at 10:14 am. We get in around 23 people but at Porstendorf only 22 people get down, because one person did not know where to get down.

The whole were gone through many ups and downs, which made everyone very exhausted and tired. When we have a landscape view from Dornburg Castle, everyone forget their tiredness and enjoyed the view from there.

Organized by Andreas

Number of participants: around 15

For the World-Clean-Up-Day we had a special event: We organized a cleaning of our beloved Paradies-Park. Even people outside the hiking group joined. Together there is more motivation and after 3,5 hours we finished at the Bootshaus. Then we had a relaxed time with SUP, BBQ and swimming. :-) And still we could clean the river from there!

Organized by Ashish

Number of participants: 38

Drachenschlucht is one of the most famous hiking trail in Eisenach. We have taken a train from Jena west to Eisenach over weimar. We have started from Hohe sohne to Mariental (about 2,5kms) and later we follow the way to Wartburg castle and later we ended up at Eisenach bahnhof.

We had a very big group but special thanks to Mreza and Andreas for their co-operation. Drachenschlucht look like a dragon valley surrounded by the mountains and also a very narrow way that only one person can cross it at a time.

While every one finished Drachenschlucht hike, later we realized that one of our fellow mate was very busy in photography and he disappeared for a while and we were looking for him.

From Drachenschlucht we hiked to one of the most Famous castle " Wartburg". It was a great day and great experienced with more than 45 people.

Organized by Reza

Number of participants: 13

We had a very nice hiking with 13 people. There was a heavy rain, but it was not a good excuse that we do not barbeque. After the adventurous hiking, we went to home a played many crazy games like Mafia and pantomime. Overally it was a very nice day.

Organized by Ashish

Number of participants: 8

On a Cloudy and cold day, we decided to do a hike from Lobeda over Lobdeburg over Saale Horizontale to Jenertal.

It was an overall 12 kms hike with many ups and downs also with some good vibes.