My city Jena


In the east of Jena, the Ziegenhain valley branches off from the middle Saale valley, which is framed by the Hausberg mountain in the north, the Wöllmisse plateau in the east and the Kernberge mountains in the south. Hidden in this green valley lies Ziegenhain.

A special feature of Ziegenhain is the Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church), which towers over the village with its fortified tower on the west side. Cultural events such as choir concerts are held here. Strolling between the half-timbered houses, one feels transported back in time, but is on the edge of the modern city of Jena.

If you follow the Holzweg road through the village, you will reach the stone cross with barbecue area and car park about one kilometre to the east before the path winds its way to the Fuchsturm tower, which is clearly visible from Ziegenhain on the local mountain.

Route 12: Ashish Photography Tour

visiting Teufelslöcher, Kupferplatte, Zieghainer Tal, and Fuchsturm

Hiking length: 10.9 km