We are very happy to initiate collaborations or join the other groups' events to have networking and reach more participants. However, we would like to share our collaboration policy. In case you are interested in making a joint project with us, please read our policy below and contact us for further meetings.

Our collaboration history

Organize your collaboration with us!

To start a collaboration with us, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the instructions below about our collaboration goals and policy

  2. Contact Us with your ideas and let's discuss them

  3. Depending on type of collaboration, fill the proper form. These forms help us a lot with advertising your event on our social media as soon as possible

Why to collaborate

Collaboration brings us and our participants:

  • getting to know the other groups and student associations

  • having more diverse activities

  • helping each other with our resources and connections

  • exchanging ideas and inspiring

What type of events

We are mainly interested in collaboraion for events which are focusing on ourdoor activities and sports with the goal of bring people together and helping students to find friends.

For instance, these activities are our main interest for collaborations:

  • Hiking trips

  • traveling

  • boating/skiing/...

  • cultural events like dancing / festivals / music events

  • grilling and picnics / game events

  • guided city tours

With whom

We are very happy to work with any group which have to goal to organize events for students / refugees / ... to help them find friends and integrate better in Germany. This can be student associations or private small groups.

However we are not interested in events when:

  • there are commercial reasons for that event

  • the participants will be charged for joining

  • the events target a special group of people and are not open for all nationalities, genders, or minorities

  • the event is NOT in English

How to collaborate

We can help with collaboration by:

  • managing or leading the group

  • Posting the event on our website

  • advertising for the events on our social media (Telegram channel, Instagram, Facebook)

  • doing the registration / checking participants

  • sharing our experience

  • doing bureaucratic procedures to run the event (as much as we can)

Our main requirements for collaboration:

  • transparency in registrations: people can see beforehand who is joining. This can be shown in the table on the webpage of the event. Therefore we use our forms for registration and are quite strict about it

  • No collection of personal data in registration: we are quite careful about the data collection from our participants and do not collect unnecessary data.

  • Good vibe in the events: In our events, we have a basic idea what to do, but we do not plan everything in very details to be flexible and follow the vibe of the event. However, we can discuss about the details to plan better

We in the News 🗞️🗞️

Once our weekend's activities were in the local news of OTZ and Jenaer Nachrichten. Here you find the online-article:

Together in Jena: Ins Sommersemester gewandert