Lakes and Damms


Ohra Talsperre(Reservoir) is mainly used to store Drinking Water and it is one the most beautiful reservoir in Thuringia. It is located near Luisenthal (Small village near Gotha).

The closest station is Luisenthal Talsperre (Jena--> Erfurt--> Gotha--> Luisenthal). The overall Journey is around 2.5 hrs one side.


> It is highly recommended during Summer, Autumn and Winter.

> You can do Picnic, Photography and obviously hiking too.


> It is drinking water reservoir, so swimming, Boating are restricted and if you avoid the rules than you have to pay very high fine.

> Plan your trips is a proper way and check your connection in advance.

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Route40: Hike to Ohra Talsperre

visiting Ohra Talsperre

Hiking length: 15.65 km