Oriental Dancing

"If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you dance" - Caro -

Hello and welcome!

Do you like dancing and have time on Sundays? Then let’s meet for oriental dance workshops! You’ll learn basic moves, different styles, the origins and the history behind them. Some courses will be for ladies only, some will be open for all genders (please check the table for this matter). The aim of these workshops is to perform a little flashmob in summer and to have fun.

What to bring

  • Water

  • Comfortable clothes

  • 2G certificates

  • dancing sticks

Corona Rules

All workshops which are taking place at Haus auf der Mauer are 2G+ and maximum 12 people are allowed at the venue. For the workshops in other places might have different Corona Rules. Stay updated on Telegram.

Times and places might change due to availability

  • Beginner: Had never danced before

  • Beginner/Advanced: Has danced before, not necessarily oriental dancing

  • Advanced: Has danced before, not necessarily oriental dancing, not afraid of using props :D


✔️ Registration

  • use Jena Dude -> Register for Events

  • For people without Telegram click here

⚠️ Join only if your name is not in the waiting list!

⚠️ 2G will be checked as current corona rules.