July 2017

02. Hiking in Bad Blankenburg

Organized by Erich

Number of Participants: 3

We were only 3 people from Weimar, but enough to have a great day together. The way was very beautiful and there was a nice view. We found a waterfall at the end of the hiking.

Organized by Sevinç

The very cool event is one of the first hikes which is organized by Sevinc. We walked through the forest in a path which was not used for a long time. The way was very hilly and slippery. The amazing part of the event was that we saw alpacas. At the end we reached the castles of Dornburg and the rose garden and went back by train to Jena. It was really an amazing day.

15. Hiking from city center to Lobeda

Organized by Sevinç

Unfortunately no photos are available from this hiking trip.

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 8

A very nice hike to the historical ruins of Camburg. In this trip we had a guest from Hannover (Hossein). We first had a hike in the beautiful forest seeing a cave and a very beautiful lake. Afterwards, we arrived to the ruins and it was very interesting. Continuing our way besides the big corn fields, we completed our loop and arrived to the camburg village, where we could eat a nice pizza together in a local restaurant.

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 16

Despite it was in July, but the weather was not that good which forced us to wear a small pullover. We had a nice trip to Jenzig in an international group. On the way back, we climb down from the other side of the mountain and visited the monument of Erlkönig.