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Lobdeburg is the remains of an old castle from around 1000 years ago. It is located in Lobeda close to the village Drackendorf, and it is easily reachable with foot or with car.

The building has several parts including a tower which makes it definitely worth to visit.

About 100 meters from the castle, there is an astonishing view point to the city, which makes it very special to visit it at night.

It is also proper destination for a very small hiking trip. For this you need to start from the tram stop Universitätsklinikum

Here are some suggested routes which passes through this point. You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.

Route 6: Reza's Favorite Tour

visiting Lobdeburg, Sommerlinde, Fürstenbrünnen, and Fuchsturm

Hiking length: 9.95 km

Route 16: Cliff Tour

visiting Lobdeburg, Johannisberg, Fürstenbrunnen, Diebeskrippe, and Kupferplatte

Hiking length: 14.71 km

Route 26: Roman's Climbing

visiting Drackendorf, Lobdeburg, Johannisberg, Lobeda-Altstadt

Hiking length: 6.97 km