February 2018

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 23

On another winter day we had a crowded hike through the forest, the myterious Schloss Talstein and went up on the Jenzig.

On the top of Jenzig, we saw some paragliders flying from Jenzig down. It was really fun and you can find the video of their fly here:

[Youtube Video]

Organized by Erich

number of participants: 3

It was a really cold day. There was snow all the way and at some point we had problems with the snow and fell down couple of times. However, the view was really amazing and it worth it.

Organized by Azmah

number of participants: 4

This area is out of Thuringia and close to Dresden. We met some people in Dresden who live there and one of them was born in Dresden a never visited before. It was really cold weather on the bridge and windy, but at the same time sunny and we had really nice time together. It was a very nice view. We went to a restaurant on top to warm up a bit.