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Photo competition

Let's choose together the best photos of 2020!

You joined before our hiking trips, now you are missing them, and do not know what to do with all this free time Corona gave to you? We have an idea!

Let’s have a photo challenge!

Join our photo competition and let us find out who took the best photos in 2020 with the hiking group.

How does it work?

  1. You need to check your photos from previous hikes, and find your best shots. Pick up your phone or computer now. In this way you will also review your old memories and cry for the nice time we had together. We have 9 categories. You do not need to have photos for all categories.

  2. Then you should upload your photos in our platform.

  3. From middle of December till end of the year, everyone from the hiking group will be ablte to use the free Coronismas time and participate to find the best shots together by voting.



  1. Nature: of course it is the main category for the hiking photos

  2. Landscape: the landscapes you took over the hills or in the forest

  3. spontaneous photos: photos from others without they know

  4. fun photos: the most horrible photo you took from others

  5. People: from the group in the break or during the walk

  6. Close-ups: from plants or insects or even other participants

  7. Animals: sheep, insects, frogs, deers, or whatever you saw

  8. Our City Jena: the best photo which can describe Jena the best

  9. Buildings: churches, half-timbered houses, castles or whatever human made structures

  10. NEW: Comic: Add something funny to the speech bubble

New: Be creative for the comic

  • We recently added this category. Just replace the speech bubbles by any new text. You do not need to have a text for each, one is enough.

  • The speaking persons from left to right are: Mostafa, André and Ashish.

  • Write in the form what they could say, it can be fun!

Rules and Conditions

  • The photos have to be taken during one of the hiking trips OF THIS GROUP in 2020 and by yourself

  • The deadline for submitting is Sunday, the 6th of December

  • You accept that it will maybe shown on our website and on our Facebook-Group

  • Only one photo for each Category can be sent, so choose wisely

  • If you change your mind and want to change the photos you already submitted, just submit everything again. We will count the last one.

Hope to see your selected photos. Let's review our Corona year together! :-)

Voting started!

Here you can see the photos that our big photographers took in 2020 and submitted to us. Besides it is a very nice idea to review what we have done together in 2020, it is also an activity to fill your time nicely in the lockdown.

The photos are divided in different categories and for each category there is a separate voting form. So you do not have to vote for all photos together (because there are many), so whenever you have time, check the photos and vote for them.

Category: Buildings

Category: Close-ups

Category: Our City Jena

Category: Nature

Category: Landscape

Category: Spontaneous Photos

Category: Animals

Category: People

Category: Fun Photos

Category: Comic

Here you see the average point each photo got so far. Every vote counts. :)