Nature Cleaning Jena

Important notes for Corona time

  • You need to follow all Corona rules. Additionally:

    • Do not have physical contact like shaking hands and hugging

    • Do not share food

    • Do not exchange phones for taking photos

    • Take social distance or use a face mask if you cannot do it.

We do not accept any responsibility if you are ignorant. So be socially responsible please.

  • All the data you fill in this form will be kept with us safely and will be deleted after 3 weeks. We will not abuse it.

About this project / how Does it work?

The aim of this page is to have a database of dirty places around Jena, so if someone is interested in cleaning the nature can easily find where to go.

  • We prepared a map with dirty places. See below. ⬇️

  • If you cleaned an area, inform us to remove it from the map. Feel free to send us photos. We share your photos on Instagram to motivate others.

  • If you go hiking and see a dirty place, please send us some photos and the location. We will add it to the map.

  • During your trash collection experience, keep eyes in the bushes to find more trash. 🌳

  • You can also choose one of our prepared routes to reach at the spots in the hills. ↪️ 🥾

⚠️Important Notes⚠️

🧢🧤 What should you take with you?

  • comfortable clothes, preferably long trousers

  • small bags around 30 L to collect small rubbish

  • gloves, bucket, or other tools. If you do not have, you can borrow them from us.

🚮 Where to dispose the collected rubbish?

  • Small amount of trash: in the trash bins in the park or city, as well as at home

  • Large amount: put it next to the waste bin in the park and send us a photo and the location.

♻️ What to do with large/heavy/bulk garbage?

  1. collect it preferably in one place

  2. send some photos and the location to us

This garbage will be disposed of by the city (KSJ).

🗺️📍Trash-Map 📍🗺️

🖱️ Click on the points to get more information & a tiny detailed map!

Ⓝ Red Number: Points with dense trash

Orange Routes: Routes where you can find the trash by walking along the way

🏠 Purple Points: The Base points for getting cleaning material.

For reporting dirty areas, send us private message or contact us!