My city Jena

Kunitzer Hausbrücke

This house bridge from 19th century is the only house bridge on the whole Saale River and it connects Jena Zwätzen to village Kunitz in the north of Jena.

The bridge itself is very beautiful and nice place for photoshooting.

It was destroyed in the 2nd world war and is rebuilt a few years ago.

Here are some suggested routes which passes through this point. You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.

Route 1: Romantic Sunset Tour

visiting Erlkönig, Kunitzburg, and Kunitzer Hausbrücke

Hiking length: 10.17 km

Route25: Cycling along Saale to Camburg

visiting Erlkönig, Kunitzer Hausbrücke, Porstendorf Lake, and Wild Garlics

Hiking length: 21.29 km