Nature Cleaning with Roman

"Only together we are strong!" - Roman -

Our Philosophy

We all live in the picturesque city of Jena. We go hiking every weekend and enjoy beautiful landscapes that have been formed for a long time. But people do not always live in harmony with nature and have heavily littered our beautiful surroundings.

The employees of the Jena Environment Agency do an excellent job, which has led to many renovation projects in recent years. However, for financial reasons, most of the garbage cannot be cleaned up by them. NABU and the Jena Community Foundation are unfortunately unable to organize a clean-up campaign.

We want to connect to the nature even deeper by organizing regular cleaning and rubbish collection events.

Our Projects

Cleaning at Weidenberg 🛢️

⚠️ proper for professionals, deep routes into valley! ⚠️

The old rubbish deposits are more than 30 years old on the Saalehorizontale hiking trail near Weidenberg. [more info]

We take a short hike through beautiful forest to the place. Then we clean up the woods where are heavy items to carry. We will work about 4 hours. At the end we walk a short distance with beautiful viewpoints.

  • 📍 Meeting Point: Zwätzen Schleife (Tram Stop)

  • ↔️ Event Duration: 6-7 hours

  • 🧤 Gloves and buckets will be provided!

What to bring?

  • 🥾 sturdy shoes

  • 👖 Proper clothes that can get dirty or damaged (there are bushes)

  • ☔ rain protection

  • 🍎 Food and drinks

  • 😃Good mood

History of events

  • Sat., 24/10/2020 [link]

  • Sat., 14/11/2020

  • Sat., 15/08/2021 [link]

small cleaning events 🚮

proper for everyone, easy accessible places

There are a lot of areas in Jena where the trash is accumulated, so depending on the weather situation, we organize regular events for cleaning those spots.

  • Event Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Gloves and buckets will be provided

History of events

  • 03/04/2021 - 11/04/2021: Speedhiking - Cleaning Edition [link]

  • Sun., 27/06/2021 [link]

  • Sun., 08/08/2021 [link]

  • Sun., 15/08/2021 [link]

On this map, you can find the dirty spots. Do you know any spot and want to add it to this map, contact us!