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Gathering with Scottish dance workshop

Organized by Hazel

In case you cannot see the charts in this page, it is because of heavy traffic and high number of visitors. Please be patient and check it later. However be sure that registrations will be in order and if you have filled the form once, it is indeed sufficient.

֎֍ Description ֎֍

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday our friend Hazel is going to teach us ceilidh scottish dance. It is really fun and active dance and we tried it once during one of our events.

We will gather in the park with our music box. Wear proper clothes and bring some snacks and drinks if you want to.

Let's have a great dance day together.

In case you have any questions, you can write to the organizer of this event on Email via

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📍 Meeting Point: Behind Station Jena Paradies at the beginning of the park

Meeting date and time: Thursday, 08.09.2022 at 17:00

👫 Max number of attendees: 30 people

(we might increase the number of participants depending on the interested people and if we find extra help. So it is not gauranteed)

What to bring:

  • 🍲 Food

  • ⚽️ Ball-Games (if you have)

  • 😃 Good mood

  • 🟪 blanket to sit on

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Who is joining us at this event?

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